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Hier kannst du Fragen zu Übersetzungen stellen (auf Deutsch oder Polnisch) und anderen Benutzern weiterhelfen. Wichtig: Bitte gib den Kontext deiner Frage an!
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Schild an einer poln. Kirche soll übersetzt werden » antworten
anonymous, 2012-07-24, 12:51  Spam?  94.79.179....
Folgender Text (ohne die vielen Sonderzeichen von mir abgeschrieben, aber aucxh lesbar fotografiert) soll sinngemäß ins Deutsche übersetzt werden, der auf einem Schild an der kath. Kirche in Chojnów steht:
Kosciol gotyckiwzniesiony w Iatach 1390 – 1468. W 1400 r.ufundowano jeden z oltarzy. W 1405 r.odlano zwon. W 1413 r. przystapiono do budowy prezbiterium Prace zahamoval najazd husytów w 1428 r.
Kosciól jest trójnawowa, orientowana bazylika wzniesiona na planie krzyza lacinskiego, zbudowany  z zegly. Prezbiterium zamkniete jest pieciobocznie, nawy boczne pprosto. Po stronie pólnocnej znajduje sie zbudowana, w tym samym czasie co kosciól kruchta, przebudowana w polowie XVI w. I zakrystia nakryta sklepientiem kkrzyzowo-zebrowym. Okolo 1468 r. do poludniowej nawy dobudowano kaplice Sukienników pod wezwaniem Sw....
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Translation  #666813
Translation  #666814
von bacek73 (CZ), 2012-07-30, 07:40  Spam?  
zahamoval = gestoppt (DE) , stopped (EN)
Czech  #666934
zahamował - you're right  #666965
von bacek73 (CZ), 2012-07-30, 11:36  Spam?  
However "zahamoval" isn't Czech word. Czech is "brzdit". Perhaps nor Slovak. Maybe is incorrect typed.
Next incorrect words:
byl remontowany *b* latach
Czech  #666981
von Catesse (AU), 2012-07-30, 12:08  Spam?  
I am not very good at any of the Slavonic languages. I know a bit of Russian and Polish, and am working at learning more Polish. I stay away from the others, because they are in some respects so similar that they would confuse me. "zahamoval" appeared on a website with a cz. tag, and also on a site that was labelled "SK", so I drew conclusions from that, possibly incorrectly.
In places, this piece is in excruciatingly bad Polish, but I don't know whether it has been copied incorrectly or is wrong on the original plaque. Still, I am doing nothing unless the person who asked for help shows a continued interest in it.
Here is the original "correct" text  #667310
von Beecty (PL), 2012-08-01, 14:57  Spam?  3rd entry

I did not want to nor do i want to translate this (wouldn't be much work with google plus correction), as it is against the forum rules.
I know that translations are expensive in Germany, i did pay once 25 Euro (plus VAT and other legal taxes) to a notary for his signature only.
Lost answer  #667400
von Catesse (AU), 2012-08-02, 06:23  Spam?  
I posted an answer to this yesterday. Or at least, I wrote it and thought that I had posted it. It was getting towards one o'clock in the morning, so I could have clicked the wrong button. Try again.
Thanks for the link. I tried to find the original on internet, but could not. I presume that the person making the inquiry wants it for genealogical reasons, but I don't think that it would be of much real use.
It is not forum practice to translate such long pieces, unless the person concerned has made a real effort, but it is not against any rule, if somebody feels like doing it. And I shall not, unless the inquirer makes contact again and asks very nicely.
When I tried to send the email earlier this morning, I had just finished translating almost a whole page of Polish. That is about a record for one day. I am getting a bit faster and  more accurate, but I cannot handle it when the writer composes in fancy literary style with lots of odd word order, or else lapses into dialect and slang.
Postanschrift » antworten
von BerlinTom, 2012-07-20, 13:28  Spam?  84.189.55...
Gesucht ist die Übersetzung für:
- Postanschrift

Gemeint ist, dass BRIEFE an ein Postfach geschickt werden, wenn möglich soll aber nicht "Postfach" da stehen, sondern "Postanschrift".

skrytka pocztowa >> klingt so nach einem Schließfach (für Wertsachen). oder ist das auch ein Postfach?

danke + grüße aus berlin
skrytka pocztowa - Postfach  #666099
von Beecty (PL), Last modified: 2012-07-24, 15:45  Spam?  
Wikipedia(PL): Skrytka_pocztowa : schließfach bei der Post

Postanschrift - adres pocztowy

Die meist verwendete Form bei uns:

Jan Kowalski
skrytka pocztowa 10
10-100 Miasto

Kann mir mal fix jemand helfen, geht auch schnell ;) » antworten
von MissPetite, 2012-07-16, 23:11  Spam?  91.48.228....
Könnte mir das bitte jemand ins polnische übersetzen, traue den Online Übersetzern nicht so recht über den Weg (Google Übersetzer z.B)

Übersetzung für --> Ich Dich liebe und Du begreifst überhaupt nichts

Vielen lieben Dank! :)
Kocham cię, a ty nic nie pojmójesz  #666106
von Beecty (PL), 2012-07-24, 16:08  Spam?  
Beim dem was Google manchmal verzapft, seh ich schwarz fuer Hausaufgaben: "Kocham cię a ty nic nie rozumieją w ogóle" xD Frag mich echt wo der die dritte form plural her hat oO

Vorschläge von dir wären auch nicht schlecht, damit man selbst was lernen kann (Richtlinien, Punkt 3).

Ich will mal nicht so sein:
Ja ciebie kocham, a ty wogóle nic nie pojmójesz
Kocham cię, a ty nic nie pojmójesz

Ich mag das wort "pojmować" nicht so sehr, deswegen hier ein paar Synonyme: - die erste Gruppe ist an einen Freundeskreis gerichtet und ist Umgangssprache, die Anderen sind halt typische Synonyme
Leśni » antworten
von Catesse (AU), 2012-06-11, 07:41  Spam?  
Can anybody please explain the meaning and grammatical structure of this phrase? (In English or German - either.)
"drogę leśnym daj"
Context in: Youtube: QJtN3nJMDXc
"Make way through the forest?"
"Give way to the forest?"
NB: "Leśni" is not only the adjectival form of "forest"; it was also, as here, a colloquial noun for "forest brothers", i.e. partisans operating from bases in the forest. So maybe "Make way for the forest brothers"?
Leśni is actually the short form of leśni ludzie.  #660464
von Beecty (PL), 2012-06-15, 17:14  Spam?  
Yeah, i would go with "Make way for the forest brothers", as this is imo the best interpretation and translation for this part of the refrain.
Thanks  #660519
von Catesse (AU), Last modified: 2012-06-18, 12:38  Spam?  
I cannot ask my husband anything like this. Now that he is elderly, it upsets him to be reminded of those times. And my knowledge of Polish is really quite elementary.
Maybe see also: Youtube: _vgDYsr5Yew
Dziś do Ciebie przyjść nie mogę
I did ask him about the phrase: "Na mnie czeka leśna brać" but he could not help. His education was interrupted by the war and, although the underground schools did a magnificent job, there were things that were missed. He insisted that "brać" was plural, and I insisted that plural nouns in the nominative case do not take adjectives ending in "a", nor do they take a singular verb. Score even. I still cannot find a plural of "brać". Most dictionaries kept referring to the verb "to bring", although one gave "brotherhood", but did not mention the plural.
And thank you very much for keeping an eye on Forum. I do not look at it often, because I do not know enough Polish to be able to help.
I'll try my best  #660754
von Beecty (PL), Last modified: 2012-06-18, 11:30  Spam?  
I’m not a polonist, as I studied economics and i was always better in math than languages, but i think your husband is mistaken about the plural. 'Brać' is imo a feminine singular noun without a plural form, but I might be wrong, although polish is a tricky and grammatically rather hard language, it might be an exception.

Some polish sites: I prefer SJP ( - Słownik Języka Polskiego in such cases, as it is the most accurate.ć
Sources  #660773
von Catesse (AU), 2012-06-18, 12:37  Spam?  
Thanks for the references. I cannot understand much in the first two, but the gazeta-Langenscheidt one looks good. I have added it to my "favourites".
I see that it gives what might be a current usage: "brać studencka". This sounds like an American-style "college fraternity". One fraternity, two fraternities. But I suppose I should be spending more time on basic Polish, rather than trying to work out some quite strange words.
 Apart from my hard-copy Langenscheidt - a fairly small one, but the best available here - I have been working online from megasłownik. wikisłownik, poltrans, wiktionary and translatica. I used to have gazeta on my list, but it was in a different form from this one, and it did not help much.
Just ask about strange words =)  #660778
von Beecty (PL), 2012-06-18, 13:09  Spam?  
I'll be happy to help. For some of the older words even I have to ask my grandmother, as she was born in 1940 and she was working as a protonotar for quite a time.
Basics of a language: I'm actually a very bad example, as I don’t remember much about the grammar terms and their 'why this way and not the other way'. I can't explain why a sentence should look like, as I only 'feel', that something is written or spoken wrong, that is why I’m not offering my language abilities for tutoring (German and English) here in Poland.
It's good you want to learn the basics, but even we natives don’t do it intensively =P
Babcia  #660812
Hilfe » antworten
von Pienzie, 2012-06-06, 04:13  Spam?  87.145.34...
Ich bräuchte eine Übersetzung...hab erst mit polnisch angefangen und komm nicht weiter.

Was heißt no to do kiedys???
na also bis wann?  #659013
von bacek73 (CZ), 2012-06-06, 07:35  Spam?  
na also bis wann?  #660334
von Beecty (PL), 2012-06-14, 15:58  Spam?  
Wennn es eine Frage ist dann ja.

Ansonsten, wenn es als Abschied gemeint ist: 'Bis, irgendwann' - im Sinne von: man sieht sich.
Frage: » antworten
von Baccalaureus (DE), 2012-05-21, 13:43  Spam?  
Kann mir bitte jemand in wenigen Worten grob sagen, was der Kern der Meldung ist, die sich hinter obigem Link verbirgt? Danke!
Translation?  #657188
von Catesse (AU), Last modified: 2012-05-22, 15:30  Spam?  
My attempt, hand-in-hand with the much-maligned Google:
Reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions is one of the major contemporary challenges associated with car production. In 2012 new European Union rules come (came?) into force under which the CO2 emissions for new passenger cars shall not exceed 130 g / km. The Start-Stop systems will play a major role in reducing harmful emissions. According to projections by Johnson Controls Power Solutions 2015, the percentage of vehicles produced in Europe with Start-Stop will increase to 70%.
The battery is the heart of every Start-Stop system, which is not an easy task for the supply of electricity all receivers in the vehicle, not only while driving (when the battery is recharged by the alternator), but also in numerous riots and the vehicle stationary when the...
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Darmepithelzelle » antworten
von Bettylulu (UN), 2012-05-17, 22:14  Spam?  
Kann mir jemand das Wort ´Darmepithelzelle´(Biologe)übersetzen ?Der ganze Satz lautet:Glucosetransport in der Darmepithelzelle.
Srry for the late response  #660756
von Beecty (PL), 2012-06-18, 11:29  Spam?  
Darmepithelzelle is imo 'komórka nabłonkowa kosmka'.

Hier is ein Schema welches den Glucosetransport zeigt (auf polnisch):
SKRZYNIA ROZDZIELCZA - Ist das ein Doppelkupplungsgetriebe? » antworten
von Baccalaureus (DE), 2012-05-16, 11:51  Spam?  
SKRZYNIA ROZDZIELCZA - Ist das ein Doppelkupplungsgetriebe?   #656627
von Wojtek dz, 2012-05-17, 12:27  Spam?  78.10.106...
Nein, der Begriff bedeutet --> dwusprzęgłowa skrzynia biegów
Übersetzung aus dem Polnischen ins Deutsche! » antworten
von Mai89 (UN), 2012-04-15, 21:39  Spam?  
Kann mit bitte jemand einen kurzen Text aus dem Polnischen ins Deutsche übersetzen? Er ist etwa 15 Zeilen lang. Ich würde ihn dann gerne per E-Mail verschicken ... Freue mich, wenn sich jemand meldet und wäre sehr dankbar dafür!!
Liebe Grüße
von Martha98 (DE), 2014-12-01, 17:41  Spam?  
Wer kann mir ein Gratis-Inserat auf Polnisch aufgeben im Internet? » antworten
von ernesto8344, 2012-04-09, 16:15  Spam?  62.202.116....
Wäre froh jemanden zu finden, der mir ein Gratis -Inserat im Internet schalten könnte
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