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Słownik polsko-niemiecki

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Polish-German Translation of

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von Catesse (AU), 2015-05-18, 10:15  like dislike  Spam?  
This chap has me puzzled. Is he singing in Polish? Or Russian? Or Polish with a Russian accent? If it is being sung in Polish, then why the Polish sub-titles?
umm  #801004
von majonezzz, 2015-05-19, 11:33  like dislike  Spam?  37.201.192...
pure Polish. Pure accent from Poland. And i couldn't find the subtitles.
Wrong link.   #801021
von Catesse (AU), Last modified: 2015-05-19, 14:32  like dislike  Spam?  
Sorry. Wrong link. I have lost the correct link. it was a karaoke link, "z napisami". I'll try to find the correct one again, but I came across it by accident and might not be able to find it again.
PS: These links with the lyrics included are great for learning vocabulary and pronunciation.
E.g. (not the link I intended to send first time):
Much later: Can't find the one I wanted. It turned up among the suggestions at the right of the screen while I was watching something else, and I clicked on it out of curiosity. It does not even show up in the history of my searches. The singer, if he was singing the words that appeared on screen, did not appear to be enunciating them clearly, and the helmet that he was wearing looked to me more Russian than Polish. I may stumble across it again, or it may remain a mystery.
Second mystery: why, when I click on a "Pierwsza Pancerna" link, does it come up with "Karpacka Brygada"? I think I shall take an aspirin and go to bed.
Got it?  #801142
von Catesse (AU), Last modified: 2015-05-20, 09:51  like dislike  Spam?  
I hope it comes through correctly this time.
I had so much trouble finding it again because it was not, after all, a karaoke link (z napisami), only a song with sub-titles. The loud accordion makes it a bit difficult to hear exactly what he is singing.
muu  #801330
von majonezzz, 2015-05-21, 11:38  like dislike  Spam?  37.201.192....
Still: pure Polish, pure accent from Poland.

Er ist auch in Polen geboren. "Czereśniak" sagt alles. Und Lyrics sind da, weil der nicht so klar/deutlich singt.

Dziękuje  #801341
von Catesse (AU), 2015-05-21, 12:59  like dislike  Spam?  

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