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Polish-German Translation of
Stos na stos

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Stos, na stos.  
von Catesse (AU), Last modified: 2016-01-23, 09:02  Spam?  
Trying to translate  the phrase “na stos”, as it is used here, is driving me crazy. (Never mind the rest of the text; that is given just for context.) Below is a translation from a wiki website; I don’t know whether it was done by a machine or a well-intentioned but inadequate human. I think that “thrown down the gauntlet” is totally wrong, and “forlorn hope” is not much better.
Wikipedia(EN): We_Are_the_First_Brigade
My, Pierwsza Brygada
Legiony to żołnierska nuta, The Legions are a soldiers' melody,
Legiony to ofiarny stos,        The Legions are a forlorn hope,
Legiony to żołnierska buta, The Legions are a soldier pride,
Legiony to straceńców los, The Legions are a soldier fate.
My Pierwsza Brygada,        We are the First Brigade,
Strzelecka gromada, a group of shooters,
Na stos rzuciliśmy,        We've thrown down the gauntlet,
Nasz życia los,        Our fate is not yet
Na stos, na stos!        We've thrown down the gauntlet!

The song, with subtitles:
Translations for “na stos”: Google: on the stack, auf dem Stapel.
Pons: stos ofiarny – pyre; Stapel, Scheiterhaufen. pyre, stack, litter, heap, stake; Stapel, Haufen. Scheiterhaufen.
The words are fine, but what is the intention behind them? That they are sacrificing their lives willingly for a holy cause, possibly futilely? Any better ideas? In English or German. This song is quite important in the Polish psyche and it is part of the school curriculum. (In some places at least.)
na stos  #832121
von kate1234567890, 2016-01-27, 12:15  Spam?  37.201.194...
Legions are a soldier's song,
Legions are a fate of desperados.
Legions are a soldier's superciliousness,
Legions are a pyre.

We, the first brigade, shooting group
On the pyre we threw our life,
On the pyre, on the pyre! (x2)

How many torments, how much suffering,
How much blood and flowed tears,
Despite it, we have no doubts,
The end of way gave us the power.

We, the first brigade, shooting group
On the pyre we threw our life,
On the pyre, on the pyre! (x2)

The said, that we're bemused,
Not believing, that where there's a will there's a way!
But we were persisting lonely
And our dear Leader was with us!

We, the first brigade, shooting group
On the pyre we threw our life,
On the pyre, on the pyre! (x2)
On the pyre.  #832133
von Catesse (AU), Last modified: 2016-01-28, 13:54  Spam?  
Thanks very much, Kate. "We threw our life / lives on the pyre." That more or less makes sense for both meaning and linguistics. Some of the rest of the translation does not, but it was just this one phrase that was causing me real bother.

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